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Bella Sara Cards

What a neat idea to have trading cards be the key to collecting beautiful horses on an online horse stable!
A fun and magical place full of beauty and a safe place to play online. There are games, puzzles, and activities for you to enjoy with your favorite horses.
How it works:
You Collect your Bella Sara Cards, activate them online and play the interactive games, puzzles, and activities. Each card has it's own code that you use to activate online playing.
You can play with your horses, put them in their stables, feed them, brush them and pretty much what you would do with a real horse.
This can even be done by a three year old and my daughter loves it! She likes to carry her cards around in her purse to show her friends. The cards are very pretty and you can get lost in how magical they look.
A great Christmas present idea for anyone looking for something new.
So get your behind over there and buy some!