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Doodle with the Aquadoodle

We had purchased the Aquadoodle awhile back and lost the pen, so when I received another one from Team Mom, I was so happy.

The best feature is definately, NO MESS!

The Aquadoodle is a great way to let my kids do artwork without having to find paper and the mess of paints drives me crazy!

The Aquapen is the only thing that will work on the aquapad and you just need to add water-yeah!!

When you're finished, you simply roll up the mat & store it away-love it!!!

A blizzard in your bath!

The Bath Blizzard
What a very cool name! The name alone, makes me want to try this out for myself.
If your child is like most children, then bubbles are the best thing ever. They will have a blast in the bath tub when they use this.
It's so easy to use, you just put the bath blizzard on the wall with suction cups, pour in bubble solution and turn it on. It really does make a blizzard of bubbles for your kids to play with in the bath.
It takes 4 C batteries, but it's so much fun you won't care!


Itsy Bitsy....Yoga

itsy bitsy yoga dvd

Itsy Bitsy Yoga was born in 1999, out of a mom's passion for yoga and understanding of infants and toddlers.Yoga is fun, it helps center you (if just for a moment), plus, it's great exercise. And it happens to be all the rage for the kids these days.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga was developed to nurture babies body, spirit and mind.Itsy Bitsy Yoga is made up of simple gentle poses designed specifically to help develop your baby's motor development. The benefits for baby and Mama are endless from a better night's sleep to less fussiness.

Flipper Toothbrush holder

We received a puppy flipper toothbrush holder today and I have to say, these little critter are the cutest things I've ever seen. Flipper products are perfect for keeping germs away. They have a suction cup on the back that sticks to any flat surface. You just open and close with a pull of your toothbrush.

There are several different styles to choose from the My Puppy series to the Animal World series.

Flippers are for the whole family and we also received a razor holder which will come in handy since I'm always getting yelled at to put mine up!

For more info, visit My Flipper at

Tomo & Edie

tomo & edie

Tomo and Edie is a clothing and accessories store that provides organic baby kimonos and vintage Japanese kimono hair accessories. This was an interesting product to review and I think it's a very cool item to have.

Started by two friends, The Tomo & Edie company believes in educating children about other cultures by preserving the environment and promoting peaceful existence.

Having one of their kimonos would definately be a conversation starter!The Tomo and Edie Baby Kimonos are 100% Organic unbleached cotton. The hair accessories are hand-crafted from vintage Japanese silk kimono shaped into plum blossoms which is called that represent Springtime in Japan.

Visit them today!

Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet

The Tuffet

The Tuffet is a mom-invented product that was made to create a safe place for baby to sit. I used to use pillows to keep baby up but no need to when you use the Tuffet! Its soft and big enough to catch baby no matter where they fall!

The Tuffet is available in 4 different fabrics (corduroy, micro suede, twill, and denim) and a variety of patterns.

The Tuffet is designed with a slip cover that is easy to remove and to toss in your washer. Kids can use this too as a soft pillow to use while watching tv or reading. This also has two pockets on it that are great for storing items.

Snug as a bug in a rug


After putting up with barrettes that slip out of Emily's hair, it was a nice change to have one that stays put.

These hair accessories were designed by a Canadian mom and these fabulous, hip clips will stay in the finest of hair.

Bugalug barrettes not only do the job but are safe (non-toxic glue) and these barrettes are great for any hair type, even moms! Bugalug also have no slip headbands too that are one of a kind.

E is for Elephant!

Tattoos for Tots

My daughter had a hard time picking a tattoo for our picture. She loves letters and was busy pointing out the different letters on the tattoos.

Created by two moms, an elementary school teacher and a graphic designer, Tattoos For Tots are made to help toddlers to learn while wearing fun designs.We shared our tattoos with the neighborhood kids and they already were pointing out the matching letters on each of their tattoos!

Tattoos for Tots can be found online at:

Give me an "E"!

Emily just loved her tee from Tote and Tee. She proudly showed off her and told everyone that was her letter to her name!

This company was started by a mom who loves to sew and her letter designs caught on and everyone wanted one.They come in different types of shirts and in all sizes from baby to preteen.And it doesn't stop there-just as the name states, they have totes too! Personalized with your child's name and are very adorable.

AND if that wasn't enough, they carry socks, tights and booties.

What a fun place to shop!

Come on, go shopping!

Wipe the boogies with Boogie Wipes!

Boogie Wipes

These are a very cool wipes compared to just using regular wipes. They are softer and smell good. Summer colds are the worse and when it's 90 degrees out, it's nice to have a cool boogie wipe to pull out and use on a hot, runny nose.They come in a nice sizes container and they even have singles to use on the go.Get your boogie on and get some Boogie Wipes!

Lit Fit rocks!

This review comes from Little Fit

Quality kids hats, toddler hats, infant hats, children hats, baby hats,youth hats, baseball hats, trucker hats, girls hats and boys hats that are custom-sized especially to protect your child from the sun.We were given the AB CD with sparkles trucker hat to review. My daughter just loves it and we could hardly get it off her head!

I'm a big hat fan and you are very limited at regular stores as far as finding any hats for little ones that aren't Dora, Cinderella or freakin' Mickey! So, when I found Little Fit, I was ecstatic over the cute designs.

I love the mini trucker hat look and their hats allow them to fit them even longer then regular hats.We will be matching her pink hat with most of her wardrobe and she already has some more outfits picked out to wear with it.They have awesome boy and girl designs and when we have our little addition to the family, I will definitely be getting him the matching AB CD boy's hat- wait , maybe the skull and cross bones.

Hell, I love them all!

Save the ta-tas

We were ecstatic about receiving some shirts from ta- tas. What a brilliant and fun way to raise money for breast cancer! They come in all sizes and different styles from shirts to tank tops. The sayings on the shirts are so cute from rockin ta tas to All American ta tas-my favorite.
If you don't want a shirt, you can get a hat, tote and even a bumper sticker. A portion goes to breast cancer research so, let's help make this world cancer free!
Save the ta tas is one our contest sponsors this month too so, enter our contest and get some free stuff from them!

4th of July shoes

see kai run
We were sent the Indria design for our review.The first thing I noticed was the sturdy feel of these shoes. You can tell they were made to last and thats something I really need in my daughter's shoes because she is really rough with them. These are made with soft sheepskin leather and the flexible rubber sole is perfect for playing!I love this design- it's all white with stars on them. My daughter calls them her July shoes (4th of July-get it?) They even have designs on the bottom of the shoe(words) that is so cute and unique.Obviously, these will go with anything but they do have some other cool designs too. I look for this shoe company to be around for a long time and we'll be visiting them often!

The Bowtique

The Bowtique

When we received our bows, Emily was anxious to try them on. They are so cute and one was a puffy butterfly which was her favorite.Made by a mom, they offer unique variety of baby bows, toddler bows, hair clips headbands and accessories.These colorful hair accessories go with everything and they are fun to wear with any kind of outfit from dressy to casual.The Bowtique was one of our sponsors for our July Contest.

Visit them today!

Monki See Monki Do

Monki See Monki DoobyIntellectual Baby, LLCFrom birth to 5 years of age your child's brain is developing at an extreme rate. Intellectual Baby states that a two year old can learn to read faster than a three year old, a three year old can learn to read easier than a four year old, etc. So, you should get your baby to a learning!!Monki See , Monki Doo dvd kept our two year old "reviewer" interested and she loved the songs sang. I've seen many babies reading in different tv interviews and I know this can work! The video is set up cleverly, using scenerios that hold young ones attention. We are working on using flash cards too and even though my daughter is three, I want to try her with this too.
You need to get a copy of this-today!

Forget the spit!


Have you ever forgot to wipe your child's face before you left and then tried the lick your thumb to get it off tecnique? My daughter HATES that. Well, a company has saved our children- at least from having spit on their face. Mom Spit is a universal no-rinse cleanser for hands and face.This handy dandy cleaner comes in a nicely sized bottle that fits easily in your purse or diaper bag. This stuff works like a breeze and takes off the toughest stuff off of them-even when they use their body as a canvas with markers or pens!You need to get you some!A bottle will run you $9 or you can buy 3 for $25.

Sesame Street building sets from KNEX!

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Ernie building set from K'nex. These are SO cool!My daughter (age 3) grabbed it from my hands and quickly took all the parts out. We worked together first, to show her how it worked and after we put it together once, she took it apart and put it together again over and over. She even had fun changing out the pieces and making a silly Ernie.This puzzle like toy is a great tool for hand and eye development and teaching where parts go.I even like how it's just the right size for convenience and could definitely be taken along for travel!

Show your rage!

We received three shirts from Rage Baby, a way for your alter ego to shine through your children's shirts. Shown is Emily's Future Woman President and I will be posting our infant onesie and youth shirt on my blog for you to see them too!While at the store, Emily's shirt was a definite conversation starter. Also, I need to mention that these are one of a kind and when you buy one, you support fair trade and ecological responsibility. These clothes are sewn by the Fair Trade Zone, a women's cooperative in Nicaragua. My favorite would be their logo shirt and I will have to order one soon!
You got to get you one!


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