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Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

Twittermoms is at it again! They are teaming up with Williamsburg Tourism and they want to know what five fun family vacation activities to do with your kids. I have many ideas, but here are my top five:
1. Go camping. All kids love camping. It gets you away from tv and video games. Reconnect with each other and don't forget the marshmellows!
2. Go to an amusement park. There are activities for everyone at amusement parks.
3. Spend a day around town. Explore your own town and see what it has to offer. Stay at a hotel to make it more adventurous.
4. Go hiking. There are wonderful vacation spots that offer hiking. Enjoy the earth!
5. Visit a beach. We used to go on vacations that included a day at the beach-how fun!

Now, go post about your favorite family vacation activities- click here.

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Top 10 Creative and Affordable Vacation Ideas

I used to take vacations all the time, but as my family grew, we find it hard to take vacations. These days, you need to get creative when you take a vacation. Twittermoms has connected with Toyota to find out what great ideas moms (or anyone) have to save money when vacationing.
Here are my 10 ideas on how to save money on vacations:

1. Go on off season. When we go to Disney World, we go in November. It's a great time to go, and they have specials on off season times.
2. Take your own food. Stock up on snacks and invest in ice packs and bring meals that you can eat along the way if you are traveling by car.
3. Find memberships/discount cards. If you frequent the same places, it pays to sign up for memberships or get discount cards.
4. Go with family. Make it a group trip and invite other family members to share the bill with when you can get a discount for large groups.
5. Stay local. Find out what's going on close to your city or state. You would be surprised what attractions are near you!
6. Camping. Camping is fun and very affordable!
7. Look online. Look online to find out if where you are going has a visitors website for deals and cheap attractions going on.
8. Make it yourself. Stay at a hotel that has a kitchen with stove and fridge. Stay in and cook instead of eating out while on your trip.
9. Volunteer vacations. A new trend for families to afford a vacation by volunteering their services while there.
10. Drive. Avoid taking an airplane if you can drive. Make sure you rent an efficient car to save on gas.

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Five Honey-do list

Do you have a Honey-do list? I do!!! I actually have a huge list. When I saw this contest or at Twitter Moms, I knew it was right up my alley. TwitterMoms and ServiceLive are wanting to know five things on your Honey-Do list. ServiceLive is the first online marketplace that allows homeowners and businesses to name their price or request.
If I had to pick five things off my list, I'd have to choose these five.
1. Finish redecorating my bedroom. I have been tired of the same look, and have been wanting to give it a whole new look.
2. Remodel our bathroom. It needs new paint, new vanity, new mirror...Okay it needs gutted out!
3. My kids rooms need finishing. My son's room is half painted. My youngest daughter's room still has Dora curtains up and she's out grown her years ago!
4. Storage room needs totally cleaned out. I can barely step in to do laundry.
5. Fix our leaks in basement. Yuck. Enough said.
Now it's your turn!
Visit TwitterMoms and complain aobut your list!
Find a Local Contractor

Get a Contractor

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A Fancy Nancy Party

I love tea parties with my daughter! When I found out that Twittermoms was having a contest with Twittermoms and Harper Collins, for moms that want to throw a Fancy Nancy Poetry Party, I had to do it!
I am in the planning stages for a Fancy Nancy Tea and Poetry Party
Here are my ideas:
1. Dress up. We have to get out the tiaras and tutus! We will have the girls come dressed up how ever they'd like.
2. Bake some cookies. You have to bake cookies for your party! We will have the girls help and put lots of candy and sprinkles.
3. Read our Fancy Nancy book. While our cookie bake, we will read our new book.
4. Make up. With the parents permission, we will do each other's make up using play make up of course!
5. Make friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets are so fun to make!
5. Poetry time. We will play rhyming games and come up with silly rhyming stories that we will write down and they can take with them.
Fancy Nancy Poetry Party Ideas

Fancy Nancy Books

Check out Twittermoms Reading Page for more ideas!

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