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Little Blends yogurt

I have been looking for some way to hide vegetables in my youngest child's meals. She isn't too bad about eating them but alot of the time, they sit there on her plate.
I really am not good about sneaking anything into their diet. I've tried smoothies and they go Yuck! I've tried hiding corn under ranch dressing-they go Yuck! I've been at my wit's end over it.
When I was introduced to Little Blends, an all-natural yogurt blend that included fruits AND veggies, I was thrilled! This reminds me of how they do the baby food but with flavor!
I'm also excited to find out about the contest they are holding right now at Twittermoms:

The first 100 bloggers to enter the contest will win a Thermos snack jar to keep their cool snacks fresh for on-the-go, plus a coupon off Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurt. Participants will also receive a second prize pack to give away to one of their own readers. Isn't that awesome with a capital A?!
So, get your butt over there and win one to try and let me know what you think!


The Gap Outlet

I totally love Gap Outlet stores. When I need a a cute outfit for my daughter who is 4, I look to Gap Outlet for a bargain for young children but not cutting on style and quality. They always have a new line of quality clothes coming out and when I need to find something stylish, I check them out first. I dont have $50 to spend on one outfit. I need to get at least 2 to 3 outfits for that money and they have just what I'm looking for!
Twittermoms is having a contest right now too and you can be a part of this too. The first 50 bloggers to blog about Gap Outlet win a prize and they also have a coupon that you can use too-just click here to visit.
Would you like to save too? Check out Twittermoms and GapOutlet site for discussions and savings also.

Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby Sale

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