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The Critter Conga

The Critter Conga by Parents arrived on our doorstep last week and all I can say is it's made my daughter discover music! We were thrilled to receive a musical toy and I really love Parents toys. I think they are different from other types of toys. They just remind me of an old fashion type of toys. The Critter Conga is geared toward toddlers and my four year old loved the drum that came with it. Each musical instrument is animal themed and so adorable. It comes with two giraffe maracas, a twister hand drum, one capuchin monkey rainstick, one crocodile cabasa & clicker, one elephant head whistle, one gazelle whistle, one toucan whistle and two snake drumsticks. You can store them in the large leopard conga with 10-bell tambourine lid. This musical toy can be purchased at Costco or other retailers.
An awesome idea for Christmas!



When given the opportunity to review , I was thrilled to be able to voice my opinion. This is online shopping portal that directs you to different shopping places and guess what? You get to earn money for buying stuff! I've seen one of these before and these type of sites are awesome!

You start by registering (for free) to and then you just go shopping! You can earn up to 30% at over 800 popular stores like, Avon, Zappos, Walmart and even Dell. Each store has their own payback % and they list the most popular and probably the highest paying store in a special catagory to make it easy for you.

They also have a referral program that earns you $5 for every person you send over. Thats a whole lot of reasons to shop through them. Feeling like giving? also has an option to give part or all to the charity of your choice. How cool is that?

Now, what are you waiting for? Do that last minute shopping for Christmas and get some money back for it!


Delgo Movie

This was an interesting type of review. I was asked to watch a trailer of the upcoming movie Delgo. Animated fast-paced action and adventure in a mystical land with a hero, a princess and the message they try to get across- which all kids movies try to do- is about acceptance between different cultures. Family friendly of course, this film is great!

The story takes place in land of Jhamora, which is divided between two cultures- the Nohrin and the Lockni. When Delgo (Lockni teenager) becomes forbidden friends with the Nohrin Princess Kyla, things become bad in the land of Jhamora. The exiled empress takes advantage of the hostiles between the two enemies and seeks revenge to take her place back in power once again. When Delgo and his best friend Filo are false imprisoned they must put aside their differences and join forces with a sworn enemy Bogardus, and travel to Perran to help rescue Princess Kyla.

Delgo is scheduled to be released in theaters December 12th.

There even are well known voice cast:
Freddie Prinze Jr- Delgo
Jennifer Love Hewitt- Princess Kayla
Anne Bancroft- exiled Empress Sedessa
Chris Kattan- Filo
Val Kilmer- Bogardus
Lou Gosset Jr- Nohrin King
Micheal Clark Duncan- Lockni Stonesage Council
Kylly Ripa- Kurin
Burt Reynolds- Delgo's Father
Sally Kellerman- Narrator

Check out the trailer HERE .