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Simple changes

This year I wanted to change some things in my family's life to help make it better. I felt like we live a fast paced life and not the most healthy one either. I knew I had to do something when my son went as far as to have a teacher print out what healthy foods kids should eat. Oh boy what an eye opener! I knew I really didn't pay attention to our health, but I didn't know that my kids wanted to be healthier as well.

When I heard about Social Moms and Simply Orange wanting to know what simple changes people have been making in their lives, I had to get on board!

I didn't really want to make these New Year's Resolutions, just changing our way of life. Here are simple changes we made in our lives.

1. Change what we eat for breakfast. All of us either skip breakfast, or grab something fast. Usually, that meant a doughnut or fast food. Now, I make it a point to send the kids off with something nutritious, like an orange or oatmeal in a container that they can take with. On weekends, it's eggs and wheat toast.

2. Sit down for meals. Dinner was eaten in the living room in front of the tv. Now, we sit at the table, which allows us to spend time together to find out what the kids did at school.

3. Exercise. Another simple change was adding family exercising. Taking a walk together a couple of times a week allows us to spend time together and get in shape too!

4. Going on a budget. This may seem hard, but it was quite simple. Now, we have more money to spend on family night!

5. Be nicer. This is the most simple change you can do in your life. Being positive to others in your life can bring positive into your life. I've been trying to stop and take a breath before lashing out if I am in a bad mood. Not taking it out on others keeps you from feeling guilty later.

What simple changes would you make in your life if you could? Or, what changes have you made already? I would love to hear from you, or you can join Social Moms and list your own to win $25 Target card.

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