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Master Lock-for kids!

Now that my son is in Junior High, more responsibilities come with the nervousness of being with the big kids. We now have to get a lock for his locker. I found out about these cool new locks and I wanted to let you about.
Master Lock is introducing a brand new technology with two new families of patented combination locks –
1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Lock
1590D Set-Your-Own Combination Lock
Both of these locks were designed with students’ unique learning styles in mind

The Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock opens on up-down-left-right directional movements, instead of the traditional rotary dial, and can be customized with letters, shapes or numbers, depending on how students most easily remember their combination.

The Set-Your-Own Combination Lock is a traditional rotary dial for students more comfortable with that method, but with a new reset feature that allows them to choose their own combination using, letters, numbers or both.
You need to visit their site and see just how cool these are!

Oh, and a very cool feature your child will love is a Facebook app called, “Master Lock Secret Vault”. They will be able to keep their secret code safe and secure. They also will have a chance to win a cash prize in the “Master Lock $5,000 Secure Your Future Sweepstakes” just for signing up for it!
To get more information click here!


Chain of Confidence

I found out about Tupperware's Contest today to write an essay onto Chain of Confidence. It's a awesome site that allows you to nominate a person in your life that has motivated you or is your mentor. I nominated my mom. I think that what Tupperware is doing is an awesome thing and plus who wouldn't want to win $5000 to be donated to a charity in your name? And each winning pair will receive a $1000 Gift Card to spend with Tupperware! But this experience with posting the essay was super easy and the site is easy to navigate around. I hope she wins! Here is their link:
Chain of confidence.