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The Critter Conga

The Critter Conga by Parents arrived on our doorstep last week and all I can say is it's made my daughter discover music! We were thrilled to receive a musical toy and I really love Parents toys. I think they are different from other types of toys. They just remind me of an old fashion type of toys. The Critter Conga is geared toward toddlers and my four year old loved the drum that came with it. Each musical instrument is animal themed and so adorable. It comes with two giraffe maracas, a twister hand drum, one capuchin monkey rainstick, one crocodile cabasa & clicker, one elephant head whistle, one gazelle whistle, one toucan whistle and two snake drumsticks. You can store them in the large leopard conga with 10-bell tambourine lid. This musical toy can be purchased at Costco or other retailers.
An awesome idea for Christmas!

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