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When should you give your child a cell phone?

This has been the talk among parents recently and I am in the same situation. With a 13 year old that's been begging me to get him a phone, I'm faced with the question, "When is it OK to give your child a cell phone?"
I think it depends on each individual child. A cell phone is a big responsibility and even an adult can find themselves getting in trouble with going over minutes and racking up a big bill. If you feel that your child is showing responsibility with chores and being wise about different tasks like how they spend their allowance, then maybe they can handle the responsibility of having a phone.
But no matter how responsible, they still need rules set for them:
1. Draw up a contract- List what you expect from them and the limits of their cell phone. Include them if you'd like, but don't put anything that you are not comfortable with.
2.Set a limit on how many text messages during the week- Most phones keep a record of how many texts have been used. Set up a punishment if they go over like they have to pay for any text over the agreed amount.
3. Limit talk time-limiting their talk time to one hour per night is a reasonable amount of time. This also saves you money if your plan has free nights.
4.Homework must be done before any talking or texting- Most schools do not allow the use of phones during school, so you shouldn't have a problem with them using their phone during school time.
5. No browsing the Internet- a definite rule for every child!

Having a cell phone can teach your child to be responsible and something that they will use in other aspects in life. Don't forget to praise them for following the rules and help them to continue succeeding!
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Hip Hop Baby Dvd Series

If you want a great video series that will get your kids off their duff and exercising, Hip Hop Baby is the video series for you! It is for ages 2-6, and I have a four year old that can prove it!

There are 4 DVDs so far in the Hip Hop Baby Series. Each DVD encourages physical activity. It can also teach kids to follow instructions by the songs topics like, healthy eating, exercise, ABCs, numbers, and even animals. Each child was able to do their own dance while they were singing the songs. The songs aren’t annoying like some kid songs can be. Kids sing songs like Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and there were some new songs too. The DVDs are about 30 minutes long, which is perfect for all attention spans.
So, get on the ball and order a Hip Hop Baby dvd for your little one today!


Fairfield Bathrooms Direct

I love to look in magazines and on the internet for ideas to remodel or decorate bathrooms. There are so many ways you can make your bathroom look awesome, it's hard to choose from. I just recently came across Fairfield Bathrooms Direct online and found many neat bathroom remodeling ideas!
There are many brands that they carry and I just love this dual control two taphole bath filler by Ideal Standard Bathrooms.

They also have lots of other bathroom accessories from soap dishes to towel racks. These seem to be more on the modern side which looks very sleek in bathrooms and give an added value.
I'm very into cool mirrors and this site carrys lots of modern mirrors with backlighting and sleek shapes.
If you are looking to add a shower, you've got to check out the Kudos shower line- they are not your ordinary shower units! They have curved styles and walk ins that are to die for!

So if you are in the process of remodeling or just looking to replace a few hardware in your bathroom, visit this site and find your dream bathroom.


Bella Sara

I do not know if you've heard of trading cards for girls, but there is a new company called, Bella Sara. Bella Sara is centered around horses and I love horses! In the pack there were tattoos, stickers, five cards and a mini game. Each card has a positive message under a picture of a horse and a code to unlock a special "treasure".
Bella Sara is not just about trading cards. They have these tiny horses that are part of thier Miniature Series. They are so cute! They are made of this really soft velvet and are tiny and there is even a little stand for it.
You get to pick your own login name and it was pretty easy to navigate through the site. There is a lot to do at BellaSara. Kids get to take care of their horses, print pages to color and read stories. Bella Sara Treasures is the eighth series of the Bella Sara trading cards line.

Right now through April 30th, Bella Sara is having a contest where kids can win a Treasure Hunt Party.
I would like to thank Team Mom for this review opportunity.


Five tips for making sure your kids are getting the important vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones

I heard about this contest over at Twitter Moms sponsored by Wellesse. For every blogger that enters this contest, they win a free bottle of Liquid Vitamin D!

I've listed my five tips here:

1. Include a multi-vitamin daily. Pretty much any chewable vitamin passes the test flavor test these days. Check to make sure there's plenty of Vitamin D.

2. Make sure you don't forget the greens. The more colorful, the better. Vegetables are a GREAT source of Vitamins A,B,C and D.

3. Play outside. The sun is a natural source of vitamins and makes them in a better mood.

4. Breast feed! Start out right by nursing for as long as you can.

5. Don't forget about the dairy. Whole milk provides Vitamin D and helps keeps their bones healthy!

What are your top five tips for making sure your kids are getting the important vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones?