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Helpers Market

Have you ever wondered how people connect with people to buy/sell stuff? We all have a network of people. Why, your dad, mom, brother Alex, cousin Joe and his wife Jane are actually considered a network. It's as simple as that.
Helpers Market is aware of that too. That's why they've come up with a way for you to access your network and help others-all while getting paid to do so!

It' really a 3 way win opportunity. "Posters" have a place to list the item they want to sell. "Helpers" can earn an income for helping someone find a buyer. "Buyers" get that much needed product. Helpers Market just helps both parties find a virtual meeting ground.

How it works:
Posters ask Helpers to help them sell an item.
Helpers use their network of people to find a buyer.
If Helper finds a buyer and the sale goes through, Posters give Helpers a finders fee.

It's very simple! So, if you are looking to sell something or buy something, head on over to Helpers Market and go for it!