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Five tips or tricks to getting your kids to bed

Now that my daughter just turned five, it's actually been harder to get her to go to bed, when I thought it would be easier. I've come up with some ideas how to help her ease into going to bed.

1. Set a routine. This takes practice and I know it can be hard reinforcing them but you need to stick to it.
2. Give them a warm bath. Lavender baby wash seems to help relax little ones.
3. Let kids unwind for 30 minutes. No tv or video games right before they go to sleep.
4. Get ready for bed. Getting PJs on might help them to know it's relaxing time.
5. Read to them. Reading a book can be fun and they might get sleepy in the process.
Now it's your turn!
Twittermoms and Drama U are having a contest!
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