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Getting healthy and fit in 2010

We all make some sort of New Year's resolution, whether is be to get healthy to finding a new hobby. At some point in our lives we have all made one to lose weight. This year my main resolution was to workout at least once everyday. SO far I've stuck with it and haven't missed a day. I'm shocked, yet very proud.I've also decided that I needed to break it down a little. Yes my main goal is to work out every day, but I thought I needed to make some smaller ones too.

1. Work out every day. Each morning I wake up a half hour than I used to to get in a morning workout. This way I know I will have time for at least 10 minutes. Mornings are hectic so it also gives me a chance to wake up and prepare myself for whats to come.
2. More sleep. Sleeping can actually be a way to lose weight. If you are tired, you tend to eat more. Really! I have added at least two more hours to my sleep schedule.
3. Portion control. I've been doing good with the portion control so far. I make sure my portions match my little ones. I won't go back for 2nds because by the time I'm done doing whatever, I'm not hungry anymore.
4. Spend less. Since we moved from the city to here, we fell in love with the fruit stands. We get all of our produce from there, along with a few other things. We spend a lot less on vegetables now than we were before we moved. This year one of my goals is to find healthy and cheap alternatives to things we already drink/eat. I found a recipe for home made V8 juice that I can't wait to try out. I'm also going to give making my own dried fruits a shot too.
5. Making it a family thing. The kids are already very active with sports and dance, but I'm hoping to make 2 weekends a month family time. Where we can go hiking, bike riding, skating, anything to get us out of the house but keep us moving at the same time.

Did you make a resolution this year? Have you stuck with it? Let me know, leave me a comment. Also check out TwitterMoms to read more posts on New Year's resolutions and a chance to win your own copy of Your Shape by Ubisoft

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Sleep is such a major part of it and most people forget.

Best of luck with your goals (and winning the contest.

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