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Milan Maternity

If you are expecting, you know that it can be hard to find pretty maternity clothes. I remember when I was pregnant, I found a couple of great outfits. When I visited Milan Maternity , I was in awe over their choices! My daughter is pregnant right now and I would love to have her try some of their clothes. Thats why I am entering Two of a Kind, Working on a full House's blog contest.

Win it.

Go to her blog and enter to win a $50 gift card!


Top Ten Vacation Tips

This post is being written as part of a contest at Twitter Moms. Bloggers have been asked to share their tips for creating a fun family vacation that is free of distractions.

Travel Tips for Moms & Families

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Here are my top 10.
1. Bring a DVD player-for the ride home. Spend the time going there, looking at all the senery.
2. Bring travel bingo. This is a fun game that includes the whole family.
3. Buy the one time use camera for everyone. This will make great photobooks afterwards.
4. Let everyone pick something to do and make a chart.
5. Be organized. Organization relieves alot of stress and makes it more enjoyable.
6. Make litle stops. Stopping at rest stops or little knickknack shops makes the trip more fun.
7. No phones. Cellphones and teens spells STRESS for the familoy. Keep them at home.
8. Don't watch the clock. Have fun and relax-you don't have to be world's best bvacation director. lol
9. Bring stuff to do that each enjoy during downtime.
10. Go during off season time. Vacatons can be more fun when you aren't fighting the crowds.