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Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

Twittermoms is at it again! They are teaming up with Williamsburg Tourism and they want to know what five fun family vacation activities to do with your kids. I have many ideas, but here are my top five:
1. Go camping. All kids love camping. It gets you away from tv and video games. Reconnect with each other and don't forget the marshmellows!
2. Go to an amusement park. There are activities for everyone at amusement parks.
3. Spend a day around town. Explore your own town and see what it has to offer. Stay at a hotel to make it more adventurous.
4. Go hiking. There are wonderful vacation spots that offer hiking. Enjoy the earth!
5. Visit a beach. We used to go on vacations that included a day at the beach-how fun!

Now, go post about your favorite family vacation activities- click here.

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