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Looking for a baby photographer?

This is ironic to have this come along when I am turning to specializing in baby photography. If you have a little one and looking for a photographer who specializes in taking baby photos. BABYPHOTOGRAPHERS.COM is just the place to help you capture your baby’s best moments!

I surfed through this site and found lots of great photographers out there. is a great resource for parents seeking information about baby photography. They have great articles on baby photography, featured baby photographers and they are even running a contest now that you could win $2,000 worth of baby photography!

The best part is I'm listed there as well!!

Check out this site and find the perfect photographer for your baby. :)

The Shox Scooter

We finally received our Shox Scooter for Emily to try. It is made by Shred Sled- a company that specializes in extreme sport products for kids. We have been excited to get this toy to ride since she's been wanting one like her big brother's scooter.

This scooter is the first ever active sock absorber scooter-this means that kids are able to perform higher and faster tricks. NOT, that my Emily will be performing tricks any time soon.

This scooter is great for beginners and advance riders. We geared her up and let her try it out back at first. (sorry, I didn't get a a picture of her!) She got the hang of it quickly and the lightweight alulimum makes it easy for her to handle the turns.

I liked the foot surface and felt that it makes it easy for their feet to get a grip on it. Emily played on it to entire afternoon until I finally had to tell her it was time to go in.

If you are wanting to find the perfect scooter for your child, Irecommend the Shox Scooter.