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What if you were abducted?

What would your kids miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens?
When we started first seeing the commercials for Disney's new movie, Mars Needs Moms, I wondered if my kids would even notice I was gone. Then, I really started getting curious about what it was they would notice that I did for them. I always tell them that I do way too much for them and they could never survive without me (my husband included).

We started to make a game out of it, by having the kids not come and ask me to help them with anything that they might come across during the day. Boy, by the end of the day, they really realized how much they would miss me if I was gone-I would hope that a simple, I miss you cause I love you would fall in the equation.

Funny, that Social Moms and Disney would have a contest to do with what kids would miss if their mom was abducted by aliens. They are asking for moms to list ten things that their kids would miss if THEY were abducted.

Here are our top ten things your kids would miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens:

1. Making them after school snacks-it's not like I don't put fruit and Little Debbies in our cupboard and fridge for easy access.
2. Finding lost toys and other items-this is a big problem in our house. If it's not right in front of their nose, they can't seem to open drawers or lift anything to see.
3. Reading games- The littlest one cant fully read her games, so mom to the rescue.
4. Taking them to the store-dad could do it, but won't.
5. Cuddle with them before bedtime-awwwww!
6. Keeping fights at bay-they would kill each other if I wasn't here.
7. Helping with homework-or, should I say, DOING homework.
8. Hugs- That one was definitely just Emily. Maybe Jordon would miss them-maybe.
9. Feed the dogs-they would miss the dogs if they starved to death.
10. Make the best desserts-They love my cupcakes.

Do I have you thinking what your kids would miss? Ask them and see what they come up with!
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