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Little switches can make a difference in your life!

Sometimes, life can get a bit boring. Even if you have the perfect marriage, you are the perfect mom, and your job is your dream job. Yes, sometimes you have to "switch it up" to keep things exciting! That's why I try to change things up a bit from time to time. Here are a few things I do in our family life.
Bringing back date night. My husband and I try to go out on date night, but not just eat out like we used to. We are trying new things together (nothing kinky, dont worry!) . We never go to the movies because we think the prices are crazy, but we just recently went to a Mystery Dinner! It was a blast!

Surprise trip. We also like to plan a trip (close to home)- I mean we DONT plan it. Sometimes, it's exciting to just get in the car and go. We have map quest on our phones so we dont get lost and we look up something nearby. We ended up turning a trip to fix a phone into a shopping day and I still think about how much fun we had. A trip doesnt have to cost a lot of money. Think of something thats cheap or even free and surprise your family!

Order in. We like to try different types of food other then the normal ordering pizza, so once in awhile, we get brave and order something we've never tried before.
Going out-alone. Yes, sometimes getting away from each other can switch things up. going out shopping alone refreshes things for me.
Taking the kids. Switching things by TAKING the kids on a date night. We can have fun with the kids coming too. Let them pick what you do for a change.
Family night. We dont have too many chances for family night, so planning a game night helps keep everyone updated on whats going on.
Taking kids out by themselves. I like to surprise the kids by taking them out by themselves and letting them pick where to go. They really love this and they can be a little more nicer and willing to help out more when I do this.
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