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Holey Donuts!

Do you love donuts? Krispy Kremes? Dunkin' Donuts? I think we all love donuts but don't love the calories or high fat content. Well, you won't have to give up donuts anymore-not with Holey Donuts!

Holey Donuts! have less than 3 grams of fat and you know why? Because they aren't deep fried. Yep, that's right. A donut that doesn't have all the yucky old oil soaked into it. These donuts are not like any others around!

Holey Donuts! so graciously let me review their vanilla crumb flavored donut and I was excited! I have to admit that at first I wondered how do donuts arrive in the mail and how on earth are they prepared to be delivered this way? So, when I opened the mailing box and took one of the donut boxes out and read the directions than I was REALLY hesitant. It said to just put it in the microwave. I was like, NO WAY. Just microwave it? Ok, I'm game. So, I put one of the yummy looking donuts on a plate and did as the directions said and when the microwave beeped, I could already smell the delicious aroma of these glazed jewels.

I got out a fork-yes, a fork. These are gourmet donuts didn't you know? I took a bite and I was hooked. This donut was the best and low in calories and fat? How can you beat that?Realizing that this donut was vanilla flavored and tasted so good I had to see what other flavors they have. I quickly jumped onto the computer to find out and as I looked through the list, I did the high five at the computer monitor and yelled, YES- THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE FLAVORED DONUTS! Don't like chocolate? Ha,ha. Sorry, hard to ask that. Well, they have lots of other flavors and even cinnamon rolls!

So, my advice is for you to order a bunch and store them in your freezer and when you have one of those days when you just need to satisfy that sweet tooth without guilt, they'll be right there for the picking.
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