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I was asked to review a site called I didnt think I needed it since I use other groups to let people know about things going on. I found Qlubb to be easier to use than those alternative solutions. While it has the group email capabilities like the others, it also has shared sign up sheets, photo sharing, member roster, file sharing and much more.
If you have a big family with lots of events, this online tool is perfect for you. You can upload photos from a family reunion, wedding or any event that the rest of the family that may be spread across the country wouldnt otherwise be able to enjoy privately. Do you have a playgroup, church group, sports team, book club, or any group event that you help organize meetings? You can now email your whole group about upcoming events invidually or as a group with a group login and password or with individual ones.
So, try it out-did I mention it's free??

2 Shout outs!:

sherry said...

Ive tried this place!

Anonymous said...

Cool place!