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A Day With Glue Dots: Summer Bonding Project

I was given the opportunity to do a project using Glue Dots.

What are Glue Dots?
Glue Dots are a great and safe alternative to typical tapes and glue guns. They are versatile and work on a variety of surfaces including: paper/photos, metal, wood, plastic, textiles and fibers, plastic, foam, and more! Glue Dots are a no-mess solution to all adhesive or glue needs. Bonding instantly, they require no dry time and provide instant gratification for kids and adults. Glue Dots provide the strength you need in an adhesive without the mess and dry time of liquid glues.

I decided to do a Fourth of July craft project. I wanted to pick something that truly tested Glue Dots ability.

This paper wreath sure gave it a run for it's money!

You can make this yourself by taking a small paperplate and twisting 12 4x6 in red, blue, and white construction paper and taking the Glue Dots to hold everything together on the paper plate. When you are finished, cut out a star and glue that on front.

By making my project, I am in the running for some great prizes over at Twittermoms.

Enter yourself at TwitterMoms ,or see the cute projects!

You can find out more about Glue Dots and become a fan over here.

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Great project, I'm glad to hear the glue dots held up well for it. I can imagine the rolled paper would really test their strength.