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Tips for getting your kids ready for school

This school year is a special one for me. My youngest is starting school and my middle child is starting high school! Now, all my babies will be out of the house during the day. Boo hoo! Summer seemed to fly this year because I have been dreading the last of my kids to finally be going to school.

My going back to school to-do list is long. The kids are excited to get new school supplies, picking out clothes and my middle child is getting contacts-oh boy! Getting things under control will make your life easier. Try these ideas before you hit stores and you will be less stressed on the first day of school!

1. Review vocabulary words to refresh their memory. Reading stories with your little one will help get them ready to sit and listen to the teacher. Review other subjects as well.

2. Make appointments early to beat the rush. Doctor checkups and dental exams need to be done for school. Make them early and you won't be rushing around at the last minute.

3. Have a positive attitude about school. My kids are both scared this year because they both will be going to a new place. Let them know that it may be scary at first but after a couple of weeks they will be a pro!

4. Let them have a say. Don't pick out their clothes for them or their notebooks, etc. They will feel more confident if they feel "cool" in their clothes and more excited to start school if they have neat school stuff to show their friends.

5. Get in a routine early in the school year. Get clothes and books and lunches ready the night before so mornings are not chaos. They will go to school better adjusted and less stressed.

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