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Lit Fit rocks!

This review comes from Little Fit

Quality kids hats, toddler hats, infant hats, children hats, baby hats,youth hats, baseball hats, trucker hats, girls hats and boys hats that are custom-sized especially to protect your child from the sun.We were given the AB CD with sparkles trucker hat to review. My daughter just loves it and we could hardly get it off her head!

I'm a big hat fan and you are very limited at regular stores as far as finding any hats for little ones that aren't Dora, Cinderella or freakin' Mickey! So, when I found Little Fit, I was ecstatic over the cute designs.

I love the mini trucker hat look and their hats allow them to fit them even longer then regular hats.We will be matching her pink hat with most of her wardrobe and she already has some more outfits picked out to wear with it.They have awesome boy and girl designs and when we have our little addition to the family, I will definitely be getting him the matching AB CD boy's hat- wait , maybe the skull and cross bones.

Hell, I love them all!

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