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A blizzard in your bath!

The Bath Blizzard
What a very cool name! The name alone, makes me want to try this out for myself.
If your child is like most children, then bubbles are the best thing ever. They will have a blast in the bath tub when they use this.
It's so easy to use, you just put the bath blizzard on the wall with suction cups, pour in bubble solution and turn it on. It really does make a blizzard of bubbles for your kids to play with in the bath.
It takes 4 C batteries, but it's so much fun you won't care!

1 Shout outs!:

Jenn Randomly @ S Muse Designs said...

I never heard of this! But I am already a fan! Now, if I could just find a way to con the kids into letting me have enough time in the tub to USE this...that would be a miracle! I think I may ask Santa for this!