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Monki See Monki Do

Monki See Monki DoobyIntellectual Baby, LLCFrom birth to 5 years of age your child's brain is developing at an extreme rate. Intellectual Baby states that a two year old can learn to read faster than a three year old, a three year old can learn to read easier than a four year old, etc. So, you should get your baby to a learning!!Monki See , Monki Doo dvd kept our two year old "reviewer" interested and she loved the songs sang. I've seen many babies reading in different tv interviews and I know this can work! The video is set up cleverly, using scenerios that hold young ones attention. We are working on using flash cards too and even though my daughter is three, I want to try her with this too.
You need to get a copy of this-today!

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